Soyuz cluster launch2017年07月16日 21時14分

Soyuz cluster launch, (C)Space Report

On Jul 14 Roskosmos launched a Soyuz with the Kanopus-V-IK
imaging satellite and 72 small secondary payloads.

The Soyuz placed the Fregat upper stage on a suborbital trajectory.
Fregat made multiple burns to several different orbits to dispense
its payloads.

  0636 UTC    Launch                   Orbit
  0645-0652   Fregat burn 1            180? x 500? km
  0735-0736   Fregat burn 2            480  x 522
  0738        Kanopus deployed
  0813-0814   Fregat burn 3            500? x 600?
  0858-0859   Fregat burn 4            600? x 600?
  0901-0905   Deployed 5 satellites  - probably FLP, Technosat,
                                       WNISAT, Norsat-1/2
  0910-0926   Deployed 19 satellites - probably MKA-N 1/2, CICERO,
                                       Corvus, LEMUR, NanoACE, Mayak,
                                       Iskra, EUTE-YuzGU
  0951-0953   Fregat burn 5            485? x 600?
  1034-1035   Fregat burn 6            485  x 485 
  1418-1441   Deployed 48 Flock-2k Dove satellites
  1451-1453   Fregat burn 7          - 50? x 485
  1518        Fregat reentry

FLP, the Flying Laptop, is from the U. of Stuttgart. The 120kg satellite
has a Ka-band propagation
study experiment and a multispectral camera.

NORSAT-1 and 2 are Norwegian Space Center satellites with AIS payloads
and an experiment to measure total solar irradiance. They use a variant
of the Toronto UTIAS/SFL GNB bus.

WNISAT-1R is a 40 kg Japanese commercial weather satellite using the
AXELSPACE Hodoyoshi bus.

Technosat from the Tech. U of Berlin carries a variety of technology
tests using the new TUBiX20 satellite bus.

MKA-N 1 and 2 are  6U cubesats built by Russia's Dauria Aerospace for
Rosksmos with 22-m resolution multispectral imagers.

CICERO 1 to 3 are 6U cubesats for the US company GeoOptics built by
Tyvak, with GPS-RO weather payloads.

Corvus-BC 1 and 2 are 6U cubesats from the US company AstroDigital
(formerly Canopus) with imaging payloads.

NanoACE is a 3U technology test cubesat from Tyvak.
Iskra-MAI-85 is a 3U student cubesat from MAI (Moscow Aviation Inst.);
I don't know what payloads are on it.

Ekvador-UTE-YuZGU is a 1U cubesat built by students at the SW State
Univ in Kursk in collaboration with Ecuadorian engineers from
Universidad Tecnologica Equinoccial in Quito. I don't know whether
it will be UN-registered as Russian or Ecuadorian.

Mayak ("beacon") is a 3U cubesat from Moscow Polytechnic University.
It is designed to deploy a highly reflective structure about 2m across
which will act as a drag brake but also as an optical beacon.
The intent is that Mayak will be one of the brightest objects in the
night sky; different calculations put the maximum brightness in the
mag -5 to mag -10 range; the lower (and more likely) value still would
make it brighter than the ISS and potentially annoying to astronomical
sky surveys.

The mission also deployed 8 SpireGlobal 3U-cubesat Lemur satellites
and 48 Planet 3U-cubesat Dove imaging  satellites forming the Flock-2k

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FMN-12017年07月18日 13時08分

FengMaNiu-1, 3U
Launch Site: Jiuquan, China
Launch Date: 16th August 2017
Link Space Aerospace Technology

9k6 BPSK AX25 UHF downlink with an FM uplink on VHF
FM repeater downlink and telemetry 435.350 MHz
and for FM repeater uplink 145.945 MHz

ChinaSpaceflight によると、2017年6月15日に周波数が決定した、とあります。

FMN-1 etc.#12017年07月19日 19時16分

昨日紹介した FMN-1衛星と一緒に、次の衛星も打ち上げられます。
周波数は今調査中ですが、FMN-1 の他は情報収集に難儀してます。

Launch Vehicle: CZ-2D
FengMaNiu-1, GOMX-4A/4B, NuSat-4/5, Shaonian-Xing, Zhangheng-1

FMN-1 etc.#22017年07月19日 19時58分

GOMSpace, Danish Ministry of Defence(#4A), ESA(#4B)


Orbit 500km 43deg



(C)China Daily

China Academy of Space Technology


TechnoSat CW heard2017年07月20日 23時50分

TECHNOSAT = 42829 17042E
23:24-23:36JST, 20 Jul 2017, Ele 79 N-Z-S, 435.950MHz FM(CW), DP0TBA

ISS SSTV2017年07月21日 21時29分

D-SAT FM (CW)2017年07月22日 10時41分


TLE_ID changed2017年07月22日 19時06分

TLE_ID changed in NORAD
NUDTSat = 42787
SUCHAI  = 42788