skCUBE digipeater now2017年07月30日 08時45分


24 Jul 2017, 10:17
This week is scheduled to launch a radio amateur experiment - a digipeater.
Following these radio-amateur activities, an attempt will be made to
restore satellite communications.

26 Jul 2017, 10:21
Attempts to test the amateur digipeater to be launched on 27.07 
The communication module works seamlessly and the energy has a surplus yet.
That's why the radio-amateur digipeater will be switched on for the first
time on July 27th. You can activate it at 437.100 MHz using radio packet
(AX-25) at 9600 bd. Digipeater allows packet connection between radio
amateurs, just like land-based packet nodes. Digipeater will be switched
on by interest on other days. SkCube has sent out on the ground to 23.7
already 81810 ax25 packets and 11629 morgue messages. 2 600 771 seconds
without restarting.

Thursday 27.7 we start the digipeater. Until Sunday, there are always
evening flights. During the digipeater mode, telemetry is not broadcast.
If you do not broadcast the digipeater off, the satellite will not listen.
Watch the COM digimode parameter in telemetry. If larger than 0,
the digimode is on and the value indicates the number of minutes
to end (94min one cycle). Unproto set to CQ. Flow off, paclen 255,
mycall (CALLSIGN), Watch TXdelay 20-40 by radio and doppler.
We hold our fingers.

27 Jul 2017, 22:20
Digipeater is running for 250 minutes. 
This mode allows the data connection of two radio amateurs within the
reach of the satellite, that is, over a distance of more than 4000 km.
The satellite captures the message, signs it and sends it back to Earth.

29 Jul 2017, 14:13
The first two-way connection via the skCUBE satellite digipeater took
place yesterday, 28th July, 2017, between OM1LD and DK3WN at 19:27 UTC.
The stations were 644 km away from each other, and tomorrow the digipeater
will be started again.