NIUSAT_ID ?2017年06月28日 17時12分

NIUSAT 管制チームから私信が来ました。
NORAD_ID についての受信協力依頼です。

Subject: NIUSAT TLE NORAD - Confirmation
From: sugumar.krishnasamy
To: je9pel
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2017 22:48:17 +0530

Hi Mineo Wakita,

I am Sugumar K from NIUSAT team member.

We have checked your below Blog in which you have mentioned the NIUSAT
NORAD ID is mentioned as "42774".

Whereas we have received confirmation from some other ground station and
Mike Rupprecht(DK3WN) as NORAD ID: "42766" for NIUSAT and able to track
the satellite on yesterday from AOS to LOS by us.

Today we morning pass (80deg elevation) we could able to receive signal
at AOS only and during zenith and LOS there is no signal.
So we are also has some doubt in NORAD ID.

Are you able to track and hear the signal from NIUSAT by the above
mentioned NORAD ID: "42774" from AOS to LOS at your ground station?

Can you check and confirm the NORAD ID for our NIUSAT?

Sugumar K

PLSV-C38 TLE update2017年06月28日 21時51分

I replaced several satellites by my prediction.(E).