CAS-4A/4B TLE_ID2017年06月18日 09時01分

HXMT        = 42758U 17034A
ZHUHAI-1 02 = 42759U 17034B (CAS-4B)
NUSAT-3C    = 42760U 17034C
ZHUHAI-1 01 = 42761U 17034D (CAS-4A)
CZ-4B R/B   = 42762U 17034E

NuSat-3, HXMT2017年06月18日 17時58分

NuSat-3 (C)

Chinese astronomy satellite placed into orbit by Long March rocket
June 15, 2017. China's first X-ray astronomy satellite launched Thursday
on a mission to survey the Milky Way galaxy for black holes and pulsars,
the remnants left behind after a star burns up its nuclear fuel.

HXMT (C)ChinaSpace-Astronomy

The Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT), or Insight, satellite has
been launched succesefully at 11 a.m. on 15 June 2017 from Jiuquan, China.
Li Tipei, the CAS academician who first proposed the satellite in the
early 1990s, said Chinese scientists could have made many great scientific
discoveries if it had been launched within 10 years of first being mooted.
Even so, he is confident the satellite can make new findings. "Our satellite
has advantages in detecting transient phenomena and X-ray explosions of
celestial bodies. And its functions have expanded, as its developers added
more detectors so it can cover a broader range of energy," Li said.

UNSW-EC0 update2017年06月18日 20時10分

オーストラリア衛星 UNSW-EC0 (ON02AU) の 9k6 GMSK信号が捉えられています。
次のサイトに IQ.wav が保存されていましたので、再生デコードしてみました。
30秒ごとに送信されています。プロトコルの関係で、受信データは LINUX上で
ないと解析できません。関連ファイルは一式、下記github に登録されています。