LilacSat-1 deployed2017年05月25日 20時37分


3 more in Space:
congratulations to US01 (Challenger), CN03 (NJUST-1),
& AU02 (UNSW-ECO) deployed from the ISS at 05:25 GMT!

Next #QB50 #CubeSat deployment shifted 10' earlier:
GR01, CN02 & AZ02 will be deployed at 08:35 GMT.

Successful 2nd #QB50 #CubeSat deployment of the day!
Congratulations to GR01 (DUTHsat), CN02 (LilacSat-1),
and AZ02 (nSIGHT)!

Successful 3rd #QB50 #Cubesat deployment of today!
Congratulations to ES01 (QBITO), FI01 (Aalto-2) and
AU01 (SUSat) teams!

DUTHSAT      436.420MHz	  1k2 BPSK   not heard
LILACSAT-1   436.510MHz	  9k6 BPSK   heard
NSIGHT       435.900MHz	  9k6 FSK    heard      ON02AZ
NJUST-1	     436.570MHz	  9k6 FSK    heard      BI4ST
CHALLENGER   437.510MHz	  9k6 FSK    heard      QBUS01
UNSW-ECO     436.525MHz	  9k6 FSK    not heard