Re^3: MinXSS_Beacon_DecoderWin2017年03月30日 00時12分

From: James Mason
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 14:48:08 +0000

Ah yes, I can believe that. The tool I use to compile the code into
an executable (pyinstaller) is not a "cross-compiler", so I need to
compile the code on each operating system in order to get it to work
on that one. I don't have access to any 32 bit windows machines,
so it'll be up to someone else to compile the code for 32 bit if
there's demand for it. I compiled the Windows one on Windows 10
64 bit, and it looks like it works in 8.1 as well, which is good.

Re^4: MinXSS_Beacon_DecoderWin2017年03月30日 07時04分

MinXSS衛星は一ヶ月半後に大気圏再突入が予想されていますが、今回の Decoder
の開発・技術は、続いて制作予定の MinXSS-2衛星に引き継がれることでしょう。

> MinXSS-1 0517utc 38 degrees pass, both Win & Linux @minxsscubesat
> decoders working better with every update!