DTUsat-2 2.4GHz2017年03月04日 10時48分

DTUsat-2 の場合は、周波数を探しに行くのではなくて、あらかじめ自作のExcel
しています。この方法で今ではどのパスでも、全てのフレームを 100%受信でき

New Dashboards2017年03月04日 19時21分

The FUNcube Team have now updated the Dashboards for both Nayif-1 and
FUNcube-1 so that they display only the telemetry received from the
individual spacecraft that they are designed for. This will help users
to display only the correct information and graphs and reduce confusion.
Whilst they only display the data from ONE spacecraft, they will, as now,
receive and decode the data from all FUNcube payloads currently in orbit
and automatically submit it to the relevant Data Warehouse.

The new Dashboard for FUNcube-1 (ver 1044) can be downloaded from here:
  FUNcube Dashboard Installer 1044

The new Dashboard for Nayif-1 (ver 1040) can be downloaded from here:
  Nayif-1 Dashboard Installer 1040