SPROUT 世界の言葉で 「こんにちは」2016年06月12日 08時54分

SPROUT Digitalker full text

  1. Konnichiwa      ...  Japanese    日本語
  2. Hello           ...  English     英語
  3. Bonjour         ...  French      フランス語
  4. Guten tag       ...  German      ドイツ語
  5. Buon giorno     ...  Italian     イタリア語
  6. Buenas tardes   ...  Spanish     スペイン語
  7. Boa tarde       ...  Portuguese  ポルトガル語
  8. Dobry den       ...  Czech       チェコ語
  9. Namaste         ...  Hindi       ヒンディー語
 10. Nihao           ...  Chinese     中国語
 11. Annyeonghaseyo  ...  Korean      韓国語
 12. Seen chaw       ...  Vietnamese  ベトナム語
 13. Sawatdee kah    ...  Thai        タイ語


DTUsat-2 received partially 2.4GHz2016年06月12日 11時31分

朝早くから HORYU-4 と DTUsat-2 の 2.4GHz信号を何本も追っていたが、どれも
聞こえなくて、FCD-Pro & RTL-SDR の切り替えを間違えていたのに気付いたのが
最後の DTUsat-2 のこのパスの途中で、最後に慌てて受信できたのがこれのみ。

The meaning of "Es'hail"2016年06月12日 17時24分



[amsat-bb] The meaning of "Es'hail"
Sat Jun 11 15:17:51 UTC 2016

Recently we see many postings about the new satellite called "Es'hail 2".
Maybe you also wondered what the meaning is of "Es'hail".
I asked two 'friendly Arabic speaking colleagues' to fill me in.

It appears the satellite is named after a star, that we know as Canopus.
In Arabic, Canopus is Sohail. But in the section 'Middle East' on
the Wiki page you see that there are many variants for this name,
including Sohayl, Soheil, Suhayl, Suheyl, etc.

Actually the name of our satellite is 'The Canopus', or in Arabic
'El Sohail'. In Arabic they tend to merge the two words, so it would
become 'ElSohail'. Since Arabs find it hard to pronounce the combination
of l and s, they drop the l. So it becomes 'ESohail'. An apostrophe is
added to emphasize the S: 'ES'ohail'. And since the o (or u) will be
pronounced anyway, almost 'automatically', it may be dropped.
So that is how we get 'ES'hail', or even 'Es'hail'.

As for the pronunciation of this satellite's name, probably 'eSohayl'
is best, with a short and soft e at the beginning.

So now at least we know what we are talking about   :-)

73, Nico PA0DLO

[amsat-bb] Re: The meaning of "Es'hail"
Sat Jun 11 16:56:23 UTC 2016

Thanks Nico for the nice explanation,  well done! 
Yes,  the company Es'hailSat and there satellite fleet are named
after Canopus. Es'hail 2 will be launched in first quarter 2017.

73s Peter DB2OS

LightSail-2 morse code beacon2016年06月12日 20時03分


AMSAT News Service Bulletin 164.01
From AMSAT HQ Kensington, MD.
June 12, 2016

[Download Planetary Society's LightSail-2 Morse Beacon as a Ringtone]

On the Planetary Society's Blog Jason Davis wrote about reception of
the morse code beacon from the upcoming LightSail-2 mission ...
"Many off-the-shelf CubeSat software packages also have an option to
transmit Morse code beacons, and for the LightSail 2 mission, we're
activating this feature. Every 45 seconds, the spacecraft will transmit
"L-S-2" and radio operators tuned in to the spacecraft's 437.325 MHz
frequency should be able to hear it."

LightSail-2 morse code beacon, wav format