CADRE, STMSat-1 deployment March 72016年03月03日 19時05分

CADRE, STMSat-1各衛星が ISS から放出展開されることは、
CADRE, STMSat-1 deployment now set for the week of March 7 !

University of Michigan
437.485MHz 9600bps GMSK
3.404GHz 1Mbit OQPSK

(C)Michigan Exploration Laboratory

St. Thomas More Cathedral School
437.800MHz 9600bps GMSK

(C)Canadensys Aerospace Corporation

UWE-3 with many of the software2016年03月03日 19時49分


"MXL Ground Station Client" update2016年03月03日 20時16分

CADRE, GRIFEX, MCubed-2 の各々衛星に対応する 「MXL Ground Station Client」
ソフトが、Ver1.1.0 として新しく公開されました。詳細な設定手順については・・・

MXL Ground Station Client setup

 (1) Access to the following GRIFEX web site.

 (2) Click "Downloading the MXL Client Application" and open the PDF file.

 (3) Click to get an account at

 (4) Set your account here and Login.

 (5) Input your "Username and Password" in the popuped window.

 (6) Get "API Access Token" number in the bottom right of the display.

 (7) Press "Dounload Public Client Launcher" in "MXL Satellite Client".

 (8) Download automatically "" into your PC.

 (9) Extract this zip file to the appropriate folder.

(10) Edit config.props in "groundstation" in "mxl_client" folder.


(11) Run setup_pyserial.bat in "mxl_client" folder.

(12) Don't use run_serial_to_tcp.bat,
     Run directly "run_gs_client.bat" in "mxl_client" folder.

(13) Imput your "API Access Token" number in the popup window.

(14) Then run automatically "MXL Ground Station Cliant v1.1.0".

(15) Change to CADRE or GRIFEX or MCubed2 in "Select Satellite" tab.

(16) Install Python 2.7 at the time of the appropriate timing.

(17) Run HSM (High Speed Soundmodem by UZ7HO).

(18) Check "Enabled" in "KISS Server Port: 8100" in HSM(UZ7HO).
       Settings -> Devices -> Server setup

(19) Then you can decode the signal by the above setting.

                                        Edited by JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita