PhoneSats back on Earth2013年04月29日 07時54分

PhonSat の次期バージョンの開発が、今年後半に発足するとのこと。

> Dear PhoneSat followers,
> Our orbital analysis indicates that the PhoneSats have deorbited on April 27
> and have burned in Earths atmosphere as predicted. No one has been able to
> hear from the satellites since, which confirms the predictions.
> The PhoneSat team is continuing to develop the PhoneSats using consumer
> technology to greatly increase the capability of the satellite whilst
> developing with a low cost - our next versions launching late this year so
> stay tuned. 
> Thank you again for your support in making this technology demonstration
> successful!
> The PhoneSat team

SOMP report2013年04月29日 09時36分

[Report by VK5HI]
SOMP = 39135U 13015F
SOMP noted on 437.504 MHz, not 437.485 as published.
Signals 25dB above ambient noise.
CW beacon at 2 minute 30 second intervals,
as is high speed CW (1 minute prior to CW)

Tokyo HAM Fair 20132013年04月29日 10時32分

2013年8月24日(土), 25日(日) 東京ビッグサイトで開催される「ハムフェア2013」
に、昨日紹介のブラジル局 PY5LF / Luciano Fabricio氏 が再来日されるらしい。

> I will try to arrange my trips to Taiwan to match with next Tokyo HamFair.