RE: [amsat-bb] AMSAT-NA HP?2013年01月27日 07時38分

Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] AMSAT-NA HP?
From: Alan
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 07:04:31 -0600

Yes.  We has a security issue, and had to take down the main AMSAT web site.
There is a temporary web site at:

It is VERY basic.  Services are being restored as time for our volunteers
permit, with the emphasis on the most critical functions.  E-mail, mailing
lists, and the AMSAT Store are all unaffected.  We regret this disruption,
but taking strong action was required.  More details will be in the next ANS


Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] AMSAT-NA HP?
From: David Johnson
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 16:42:20 +0000

They were cracked earlier in the week and have been bringing bits back
slowly. I guess it will be intermittent while they rebuild it.

Dave, G4DPZ

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Subject: [amsat-bb] AMSAT-NA HP?
From: amsat-bb On Behalf Of Mineo Wakita
To: amsat-bb
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2013 5:29 AM

Did a homepage of AMSAT-NA disappear?

JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita

H-IIA-22 打上げ2013年01月27日 09時25分


KSLV-1-3 打上げ2013年01月27日 09時27分

今朝の朝日新聞にも載っていますが、韓国初のロケット「羅老(KSLV-1)」 3号機が
1月30日~2月8日の間に打上げられます。→ Google翻訳

MASAT-1 telemetry2013年01月27日 10時40分

10:18-10:34JST, 27 Jan 2013, Ele 13 N-NE-E, 437.345MHz USB

諸外国の追尾ソフト2013年01月27日 19時59分


日曜特集【諸外国の追尾ソフト】by JE1CVL