CubeSats 3月27日 打ち上げ2007年02月27日 19時12分

次期 CubeSats の打ち上げ日が決定しました。 来月 3月27日です。
Subject: Next P-POD CubeSat launch scheduled for 27Mar07
From: "Ralph Wallio, W0RPK"
Cc: "Mineo Wakita, JE9PEL"

Kosmotras has advised CalPoly CubeSat Management that their next
DNEPR launch is scheduled for 27Mar07.
Payloads will include CubeSats, EgyptSat and SaudiSats.
The launch will include 3 CubeSat P-PODs with assignments as follows:

P-POD A  CalPoly PolySat CP4 (OSCAR)
         AeroSpace AeroCube-2
         Boeing CSTB-1

P-POD B  CalPoly PolySat CP3  (OSCAR)
         University of Louisiana CAPE-1  (OSCAR)
         Universidad Sergio Arboleda  (Colombia) Libertad-1  (OSCAR)

P-POD C  Tethers Unlimited MAST (triple-cube)

More information including OSCAR frequencies and modes will be updated at
CalPoly's CubeSat web page is available via (updates expected).

TNX es 73 de Ralph Wallio, WORPK