Pehuensat-OSCAR-63, or PO-632007年02月05日 18時37分

アルゼンチン衛星 PehuenSat-1 に、オスカーナンバー PO-63 が付与されました。

Feb-4-2007 Pehuensat-1 receives PO-63

By the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President, I am pleased to
issue an OSCAR number for amateur radio satellite Pehuensat-1

I have been informed by IARU authorities that Pehuensat-1 complies with all
of the requirements needed for issuance of an OSCAR number. Therefore, in
accordance with your request, Pehuensat-1 will henceforth be know as
Pehuensat-OSCAR-63, or PO-63 .

AMSAT-NA is pleased to welcome Pehuensat OSCAR-63 to the family of
amateur Radio satellites. We are hopeful that it will fulfill its intended mission
of furthering education and increasing interest in thr Amateur Radio space

We congratulate University of Comahue, Argentine Asociation for Space
Technology and AMSAT Argentina for building, testing and launching this new
Amateur Radio satellite.

73 and Best Wishes, William A. (Bill) Tynan, W3XO

ニュージーランド衛星 KiwiSat 情報2007年02月05日 20時00分

来年 (2008年) の中頃に打ち上げられる予定です。詳細は次をご参照。

ANDE/FCAL/RAFT status Feb.52007年02月05日 21時30分

145.825 MHz
AX.25 1200bps AFSK
Feb 5, 20:53-21:02 JST, 2007
Feb 5, 11:53-12:02 UTC, 2007
Max ele, 65 deg
Nothing heard.

437.385 MHz
AX.25 1200bps AFSK
Feb 5, 21:00-21:09 JST, 2007
Feb 5, 12:00-12:09 UTC, 2007
Max ele, 85 deg

KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM [02/05/07 21:03:15] <UI C>:
KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM [02/05/07 21:03:22] <UI C>
:Analog 000500FB00F900DD00AB000300DD0004 N 0000001E
KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM [02/05/07 21:04:00] <UI C>:
KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM [02/05/07 21:04:07] <UI C>:
Analog 0004000600ED00D900AA000C00DE0009 N 0000001E
KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM [02/05/07 21:04:45] <UI C>:
KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM [02/05/07 21:04:52] <UI C>:
Analog 000900F800F600DB00A7000E00DE0010 N 0000001E
KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM [02/05/07 21:05:29] <UI C>:
KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM [02/05/07 21:05:37] <UI C>:
Analog 0010000200FC00DB00AE000C00DE000D N 0000001E
KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM [02/05/07 21:06:14] <UI C>:
KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM [02/05/07 21:06:22] <UI C>:
Analog 000D000300F400DB00A4000D00DD0006 N 0000001E

145.825 MHz
AX.25 1200bps AFSK
Feb 5, 21:08-21:17 JST, 2007
Feb 5, 12:08-12:17 UTC, 2007
Max ele, 61 deg

RAFT>BEACON,SGATE [02/05/07 21:12:24] <UI>:
RAFT>BEACON,SGATE [02/05/07 21:13:23] <UI>:
RAFT>BEACON,SGATE [02/05/07 21:13:53] <UI>:
RAFT>BEACON,SGATE [02/05/07 21:14:14] <UI>:
>RAFT is on 145.825 US Naval Academy