CubeSats Deployment !!!2006年07月27日 05時36分

20:42 UTC
Still awaiting more information on launch failure. Video clip of the launch is
available here.Telecon conversation is available here

20:04 UTC
Launch was unsuccessful, updates as soon as we get them

19:58 UTC
Deployment of all satellites completed, awaiting confirmation of deployment

19:46 UTC
Successful first stage separation.

19:43 UTC
LIFTOFF! All vehicle parameters are normal.

DNEPR-1 launch failed ???2006年07月27日 05時41分

Information updated 26Jul06 20:15UT

- - - DNEPR L-1 launch failed - - -

CubeSats 成功? 失敗?2006年07月27日 05時45分

CubeSats の展開には成功したが、DNEPR-1 の

バイコヌール宇宙基地から公式見解2006年07月27日 08時10分

Official Kosmotras Update:
Update from ISC Kosmotras
Thursday, July 27, 2006
Delivered by First Deputy Director General
At approximately 3:00 AM, at Baikonur Base, Kazakhstan

"The State Launch Committee continues their work to investigate
what happened. We have some preliminary information of the cause
[of the failure]. They have an idea of what might have happened.
They know the location of where the rocket fell. They are performing
the debris recovery plan. [They] always have that plan for such cases.
As soon as tomorrow morning, the rescue team will be in the debris
area... We will have more feedback from [them], but I'm not sure that
it will be at exactly 10 o'clock [Thursday morning] when they'll tell
us something. We'll do our best to keep you updated as much as possible
as soon as possible. As soon as we have any specific information of
when the debriefing will take place, we will inform you immediately.
All we can say right now is that it's a pity, and we're really sorry."

Re: SEEDS のこと2006年07月27日 19時21分
今の SEEDS 関係者の気持ちを、代弁しています。