BARRY-12023年11月14日 09時51分

Rogue Space Systems Corporation, USA
401.500/2245.000MHz, 4k8/9k6_GMSK, callsign:B12

PEARL-1C/1H2023年11月14日 12時59分

Hon Hai Technology Group, Taiwan 
1C 435.310MHz, 9k6_GMSK, callsign:PEARLC
1H 435.390MHz, 9k6_GMSK, callsign:PEARLH
Data Center Dynamics


Platform-52023年11月14日 15時24分

EnduroSat, Bulgaria
401.360/2277.500MHz, 4k8_GMSK, callsign:PL0005

DJIBOUTI-1A2023年11月14日 16時23分

Centre Spatial Universitaire de Montpellier, Djibouti
401.800MHz, 2k4_FSK, callsign:DJIB1A
Space in Africa

EIRSAT-1 ready for launch2023年11月14日 20時18分

EIRSAT-1:Ireland's first satellite
University College Dublin, Ireland
437.100MHz 9k6_GMSK

EIRSAT-1 has left Ireland for the last time as preparations begin for
a planned November 2023 launch in North America.

The satellite, designed, built, and tested at University College Dublin,
in the framework of the ESA Academy educational programme for university-level
students by the European Space Agency (ESA), is heading to the Vandenberg
Space Force Base in California from where it will be sent into orbit.

A flagship project of UCD C-Space, UCD's Centre for Space Research, the UCD
School of Physics and UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering,
EIRSAT-1 (Educational Irish Research Satellite 1) is Ireland's first satellite. 

EIRSAT-1 is in particular part of the European Space Agency (ESA) Academy's
'Fly Your Satellite!' initiative, which offers university students the training,
space-expert mentoring and hands-on guidance throughout the entire life cycle
of a professional satellite project; from design to building, tests, launch
and operations. ESA also provided the launch opportunity now coming up.

A miniature cube satellite, or CubeSat, EIRSAT-1 was first announced in,
and then selected by, ESA for Fly Your Satellite! in 2017.
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