Re^3: CAS-5A jpg trick?2023年03月06日 17時49分

Hello!  KSS (Kiss) files are a very common format that many applications can
take as input or write as output. I searched online for some documentation,
but it's such an old format that I am not finding much.  One overview is at:

... but that is talking more about using the KSS format to communicate with
hardware TNCs. That is not what we're talking about here.  A KSS file has a
certain format, so you need software (GNU Radio or DK3WN KissDump+) to pull
out only the hex bytes without the extra characters that are used in KSS files.

All of my how-to commands are for a linux system. 'cat' is a very common
command in linux; so is 'xxd'.  'cat' simply lists out a file.

The command to remove line feeds is shown below that comment... when you pipe
a file's contents (with the cat command) to the 'tr' command, you can remove
any characters you wish.  The escape code ' \n ' is a line feed.
You may wish to Google all these commands to get familiar with them & to see
examples. That is what I do!

So in summary, the original binary file is in the KSS format. That is converted
to a binary hex file, and then to TEXT to make editing easier. When you have all
the packets, convert back to binary hex to create the JPG file. If you are not
familiar with working with files this way, I know that sounds very complicated
and difficult, but it's not. Just need to learn the tools.

I hope that is helpful!
K4KDR, Scott



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