New FO-29 Telemetry2022年12月06日 09時14分

FO-29 @K9CIS,


> This Telemetry Report was received at station K9WXC Jo using a new ICOM 9700 with ARR
> preamplifier and 2x KLM 14 element log periodic driven yogis, one vertical and the
> other horizontal, with coaxial switch. The Telemetry data continues to look very good.
> FO-29 is our favorite satellite.
> Also attached are  NOAA-15 weather satellite images from this morning. I would love
> to see NOAA-15 images from passes over Japan. Do you know of any hams there that
> track and decode wx images from NOAA-15?
> Are you working 10 meters?  We work many JA stations right now on 10m.
> It would be very nice to have a QSO with you on FT8 on 10m.?
> Best Regards 73,
> Frank K9CIS

WXtoImg の 「weather.txt」 を更新する方法 #12022年12月06日 20時52分

最近になって、WXtoImg 気象ソフトが起動しなくなったか、あるいは起動しても
File - Update Keplers とすると、上記エラーメッセージが出て軌道要素が更新
できなくなった。その原因は、「」 のトップレベルドメインが変更

 >  Error (HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently) getting weather.txt
 >  from

次の手順で、このエラーを回避できて WXtoImg が起動動作することを確認した。

 1. 次のサイトから 「Keplers Updater v1.0.0 (Windows 7+ 64-Bit),」 をダウンロードし、wxtoimgと同じフォルダに解凍。

 2. 「Keplers-Updater.exe」 を起動し、
    Settings URL:
    と入力して、その下にチェックを入れ、「Update Kepler Data」 をクリック。

 3. 以上の操作で新しい軌道要素が読み込まれ、「WXtoImg」 が起動する。

 4. なお、次のサイトから 「weather.txt」 を直接、手動でダウンロードし、
    wxtoimgフォルダにコピペすると、File - Satellite Pass List を実行



These days, WXtoImg weather program has stopped starting, or even if it starts, when
"File - Update Keplers" is executed, the above error message appears and the orbital
elements cannot be updated. The cause of this phenomenon means that the target file
does not exist because the top-level domain of "" has changed.

 >  Error (HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently) getting weather.txt
 >  from

But, I was able to get around this error by doing the following and confirmed that
WXtoImg started and worked well.

 1. Download  "Keplers Updater v1.0.0 (Windows 7+ 64-Bit)",
    "", and Extract to the same folder as wxtoimg.

 2. Run "Keplers-Updater.exe", and
    Settings URL:
    Put a check, and Click "Update Kepler Data"

 3. Then the new orbital element is loaded and "WXtoImg" is launched.

 4. If you manually download "weather.txt" directly from the following
    site and copy and paste it into the wxtoimg folder, no error will
    appear even if you execute "File - Satellite Pass List".