SWSU-55_No7 437.1125MHz RS5S2022年10月07日 10時02分

SSTV did not succeed

BlueWalker-3 on S-Band2022年10月07日 15時39分

> BlueWalker-3 on S-Band! Signal much wider than I was expecting,
> so not a great view. Will be prepared next time. 0033utc NW-to-SE
> over the Eastern U.S. on 2245.000 MHz w/ 1-meter dish. @K4KDR

> #BlueWalker3 S-band downlink. Audio created with AM demodulator for some drama.
> @aang254 has developed a demodulator for the signal which is 1.024M QPSK.
> Perhaps gathering data over the coming weeks will help us see any
> changes in the data related to deployment? @Scott Tilley


Soundmodem All_List now2022年10月07日 21時21分