JAGSAT-1 heard over Brazil2022年09月10日 07時09分

ISS TLE only 1 transmission per pass. @PY4ZBZ

A 2U CubeSat. Our mission is to measure plasma electron density in the upper
F layer of the ionosphere, between 400 km to 800 km altitude, in the equatorial
and mid latitudes. The development and construction of JAGSAT is primarily
handled by the 50+ undergraduate students involved in the project. The project
has introduced these students to the art of amateur radio communications and
during the flight mission will be used as an educational tool to explain amateur
radio principles and theory. Pursuit of radio science regarding properties of
the ionosphere. Amateur operators will be able to coordinate with University of
South Alabama to develop space weather monitoring tools, specifically to understand
and predict the effects of RF scintillation on amateur or other communication signals,
in furtherance to the radio art with respect to exploiting the ionosphere. @SatNOGS

沖縄県 国立天文台 VERA石垣島観測局再訪2022年09月10日 20時10分