FO-29 Telemetry Report #22022年02月05日 07時55分

FO-29 Telemetry Report #2
From: Frank Wiesenmeyer
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2022 17:16:32 +0000

Hi Mineo:

Here is another FO-29 telemetry report from last night with 21 frames.
Thedata all looks good and continues to improve with time.
Have you made contacts on FO-29 recently?

The signal from FO-29 is very strong here and sounds as good as when
the satellite was new. The transponder sounds great on SSB with very
little distortion.  It is very linear.

My station as follows:
Kenwood TS2000x radio
2m antenna: 7x7 element circular polarized yagi with switch (M^2 2M CP14)
70 cm: two antennas with relay:
       14 element horizontal Log periodic yagi (KLM 440 14)
       16 element circular polarized yagi 8x8 elements with circularity
       switch. 70 cm mast mounted preamplifier: ARR MSP432VDG-160-C

Antennas mounted on chimney of house at 8 meters.
Thank you for sharing my data with your web site.

73, Frank K9CIS



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