[AMSAT-BB] MIR-SAT1 deployment from ISS2021年06月14日 16時09分

It now official that MIR-SAT1 the first 3B8 satellite (a HAM one) will be deployed
on the 22/06/2021 at 10:55 UTC from the ISS (on the local National TV this evening
and announced by the Minister of ICT) by JAXA using the KIBO's robotic arm.

Further details may be obtained at https://spacemauritius.com
https://spacemauritius.com/, more information will be publish soon.

To note that experimental decoders (some fine tuning may still be required) are
already available:
1) https://www.g0kla.com/pacsat/index.php,
   thanks to Chris for his hard work to make it available to the HAM community
2) https://github.com/daniestevez/gr-satellites/blob/mirsat/python/telemetry/mirsat1.py
   and thanks also to Daniel (EA4GPZ) his hard work and to have incorporate a decoder
   in GR-Satellites.

So great to have the support of above experts, I wish to put on records my appreciation
for the all their the advices they provided to the 3B8 team and their unconditional
support fully in the Ham spirit of brotherhood. “Grand merci Chris et Dani” without
you we HAM will not have a clue about what is the status of the bird.

These decoder will be used by local schools and Universities to capture the signals
from the bird and hopefully create inspiration for our 3B8 youngsters to space science
and STEM per AMSAT Ambassador program goals.

Mauritius Research Council (MRC), Mauritius
Up:145.9875/Down:436.925MHz 9k6_GMSK 3B8MIR