Passengers2020年05月01日 22時14分


According to a newspaper article, there were supposed to be about 60,000    
tourists to Okinawa until recently, and it seems that there are still many  
15,000 tourists at the time of request by the governor to Okinawa requested 
the refrain from travel. According to the airline's publicity, it was       
displayed as "Full" in order to prevent reservations for canceled flights.  
I thought that the defect in the display system was causing the passengers  
to count too much, but it doesn't seem to be the only reason. The membership
benefits can be earned by boarding an airplane many times, so it seems that 
some passengers have that purpose. Therefore, I think that there are not    
many passengers for travel when almost all facilities are closed. In fact,  
at the tourist spot I live in now, I don't meet anyone other than locals.   

豆苗2020年05月02日 17時58分

Soybean seedling

DOSAAF-85 (Radio-2017, RS-44) active2020年05月03日 18時34分


ID: 44909
Launch: 26 Dec 2019
Transponder: linear, inverting
Siberian State Aerospace University, Krasnoyarsk Russia

Uplink   145.935-145.965-145.995 MHz SSB
Downlink 435.670-435.640-435.610 MHz SSB
Beacon   435.605 MHz CW

FACSAT-1 replay2020年05月03日 22時51分

I replayed FACSAT-1 sound received by JO1PTD.

CAS series to be launched2020年05月04日 18時30分

Sats.       Up                  Down               CW         Mode
CAS-5A      21.385-21.415       29.505-29.475        .        HF/HF   SSB            
CAS-5A      21.3925-21.4075    435.5325-435.5175     .        HF/UHF  SSB            
CAS-5A        .                   .                29.465     HF CW                  
CAS-5A     145.805-145.835     435.555-435.525       .        VHF/UHF SSB            
CAS-5A     145.925             435.600               .        VHF/UHF FM             
CAS-5A        .                   .               435.570     UHF CW                 
CAS-5A        .                435.650               .        4k8 9k6 GMSK telemery  
CAS-5B        .                   .               435.720     UHF CW                 
CAS-7A      21.245-21.275       29.465-29.435        .        HF/HF   SSB            
CAS-7A        .                   .                29.425     HF CW                  
CAS-7A      21.3125-21.3275    435.3725-435.3575     .        HF/UHF  SSB            
CAS-7A        .                   .               435.430     UHF CW                 
CAS-7A     145.865-145.895     435.415-435.385       .        VHF/UHF SSB            
CAS-7A        .                435.480               .        4k8 9k6 GMSK telemetry 
CAS-7A        .              10460.000               .        1 Mbps  GMSK image data
CAS-8A     145.805-145.835     435.540-435.510       .        VHF/UHF SSB            
CAS-8A        .                   .               435.575     UHF CW                 
CAS-8A        .                435.735               .        4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry 
CAS-8A        .               2405.100               .        4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry 
CAS-8A        .               2405.100               .        192kbps GMSK image data
CAS-8A        .               2405.300               .        Inter-satellite link   
CAS-8B     145.840-145.870     435.625-435.595       .        VHF/UHF SSB            
CAS-8B        .                   .               435.580     UHF CW                 
CAS-8B        .                435.750               .        4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry 
CAS-8B        .               2405.100               .        4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry 
CAS-8B        .               2405.100               .        192kbps GMSK image data
CAS-8B        .               2405.300               .        Inter-satellite link   
CAS-8C     145.875-145.905     435.660-435.630       .        VHF/UHF SSB            
CAS-8C        .                   .               435.585     UHF CW                 
CAS-8C        .                435.775               .        4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry 
CAS-8C        .               2405.300               .        Inter-satellite link   
CAS-8D     145.910-145.940     435.695-435.665       .        VHF/UHF SSB            
CAS-8D        .                   .               435.590     UHF CW                 
CAS-8D        .                435.800               .        4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry 
CAS-8D        .               2405.300               .        Inter-satellite link   

Young sprouts of Mangrove2020年05月05日 20時14分

名蔵湾 in 石垣島
Nagura Bay in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa

Kabira Bay with nobody2020年05月06日 20時56分

    Under Emergency Declaration
    by the government decree
    (until May 31, 2020)

Red Hibiscus2020年05月07日 21時39分

Twilight zone2020年05月08日 22時15分

One white egret in the center of the pasture at twilight

キシノウエトカゲ2020年05月09日 19時55分


民家の門柱の陰に、長さ30~40cm, 太さ5cm くらいのトカゲを二匹見かけた。

学名 Plestiodon kishinouyei

Kishinouye Lizard                                                       

I saw two lizards with a length of 30-40 cm and a thickness of     
5 cm behind the gatepost of a private house. While trying to take  
a picture, they quickly fled into the hole at the base of the tree.

They are the largest members of the lizard suborders distributed   
in Japan. They live only in Yaeyama and Miyako Islands in Japan.                                    

Scientific name is Plestiodon kishinouyei.                         
It is classified into the reptile class Squamata, Lizards.         
It was designated as a Japanese natural monument in 1975.          
In 2017, it was determined to be near endangered by the            
Red List of Okinawa Prefecture.