Iranian NOOR-12020年04月25日 08時12分

Launch: 22 Apr 2020
Military satellite, CubeSat (6U)
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Iran
401.500MHz 9k6 FSK

1 45529U 20024A   20115.68787299  .00004409  00000-0  10000-3 0  9999
2 45529  59.8115 161.6056 0007286 233.2906 239.9267 15.45013551   388

八重山そば手作り #12020年04月25日 16時58分

三枚肉入り。 最高の一品となった。 昼からオリオンビールで一杯。

Handmade Yaeyama-Soba

After I started making it, I noticed I hadn't bought Donburi (bowl).
Therefore, I ate it in the saucepan. After frying Goya (bitter gourd),
I added many many soybean seedlings, fried carrots and seasoned pork.
I ate the most delicious Yaeyama-Soba noodle while drinking a famous
Orion beer at noon.

All flights were canceled due to the nationwide voluntary restraint,
and this was an isolated island in the sea. We can't get in or out of
the island. This situation seems to continue for a while.