Phoenix ?2020年03月01日 10時29分

#45260, 437.350MHz

DTUsat-2 2.4GHz CW2020年03月01日 11時00分

weak signal after AOS

AISat S-band2020年03月02日 21時12分

2259.000-145.000=2114.000MHz ... Setting LNB_LO ?

XW-2D recovery2020年03月03日 21時53分

information on jamsat-bb

[amsat-bb] PSAT3 Launch CANCELED2020年03月04日 08時38分

> But on 2 March the third attempt by the launch provider was
> scrubbed at T-9 minutes and was not resolved until the launch
> window (and DARPA challenge deadline) had passed. Therefore the
> CHALLENGE is over, there was no winner, and we lost the launch.

New Sats ID #52020年03月04日 19時02分

QARMAN      45257 98067RA
AZTECHSAT-1 45258 98067RB
PHOENIX     45260 98067RD
CRYOCUBE    45261 98067RE
RADSAT-U    45262 98067RF
ARGUS-2     45263 98067RG


ICS-EF discarded from ISS2020年03月04日 19時41分

The mission by the inter-orbit communication system outboard (ICS-EF)
attached to Kibo outboard experiment platform has been completed.
Then, on early 22 February 2020, it was discarded by ISS robot arm.

Since around September 2009, ICS-EF has provided the two-way communication
such as the data, images and voice as an inter-satellite communication
system connecting Kibo and Tsukuba Space Center through the Data Relay
Satellite (DRTS) Kodama. In August 2017, the operation of ICS-EF was
terminated with the completion of the operation of Kodama.

ICS-EF is predicted to gradually lower its orbit altitude in the future
and re-enter the atmosphere several years later. And we have confirmed
that it conform the international safety standards.

*1 ICS-EF: Inter-orbit Communication System Exposed Facility subsystem
*2 DRTS: Data Relay Test Satellite
ICS-EF = 45265 98067RJ

ELFIN-B 9k6 GFSK2020年03月04日 20時50分

strong continuous signal

NARSScube-1 not heard2020年03月05日 07時51分

AzTechSat-1 not heard2020年03月05日 08時48分

23:37UTC, 4 March