HuskySat-1 Deployment2020年02月01日 12時20分

1 45114U 19071D   20032.92063246  .00002851  00000-0  10000-3 0  9992
2 45114  51.6440 302.8338 0011028 289.7449  70.2176 15.32859399   185
1 45117U 19071G   20032.92048038  .00002876  00000-0  10000-3 0  9994
2 45117  51.6406 302.8371 0011026 283.3520  76.7148 15.33106999   176

HUSKYSAT-1  Up               Down              Beacon           Mode
145.910-145.940   436.810-435.840   435.800/24049.000   V/U,1k2 BPSK

FoxTelem install ?2020年02月02日 20時15分

FoxTelem install fatal error into LINUX ???

FoxTelem install !2020年02月02日 20時31分

Terminal on LINUX
$ java -jar FoxTelem.jar

FoxTelem update2020年02月03日 19時40分

Ver 1.08y

HuskySat-1 decoded on LINUX2020年02月04日 19時11分

Uploaded using TelmFox.jar

[amsat-bb] Phoenix CubeSat Upcoming Deployment!2020年02月05日 01時11分

Sarah Rogers sroger13 at
Mon Feb 3 19:30:53 UTC 2020

Hello, everyone! On Feb 12, several CubeSats are scheduled
to be deployed from the ISS into orbit. Among them is the
Phoenix CubeSat, which is a 3U CubeSat developed by
Arizona State University to study the effects of Urban Heat
Islands through infrared remote sensing.

Following deployment, our operations team would appreciate
as much help as possible with identifying the spacecraft and
verifying that it is operational! Phoenix is scheduled for a
deployment time of *8:30 UTC.* In addition, I would also like
to call special attention to the fact that two CubeSats being
deployed on this date operate on the same frequency.

Both Phoenix and QARMAN share the frequency of *437.35 MHz*,
and and utilize an AX.25 9600 baud protocol with GMSK
modulation. Both CubeSats will also be deployed within 1.5
hours of each other, and will therefore be close to each other
in orbit. If you intend to track the CubeSats on this upcoming
deployment, please be mindful of this situation, and if you
have any doubt about the CubeSat that you are receiving from,
please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or
concerns. To read more about the Phoenix CubeSat, it's
transmitter characteristics, and how you can decode the signal,
please see our website at
Cheers, Sarah Rogers Project Manager, Phoenix CubeSat

HuskySat-1 today2020年02月05日 20時48分


DTUsat-2 2.4GHz CW2020年02月06日 11時24分

good signal

3-Diamonds2020年02月06日 22時02分

Launch: PSLV-XL C38
Date: 23 June 2017, 03:59 UTC
Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota, India

3-Diamonds (Blue, Green, Red)
UK, Israel, Australia
Communication Satellites

(C)Sky and Space Global

ALSat-1N alive2020年02月07日 21時24分

Close of the frozen LINUX Ubuntu
Keep pressing "alt" and "Print Screen"
and press R -> S -> E -> I -> U -> O

> "alt" + "Print Screen" + R + S + E + I + U + O

Restarting the frozen LINUX Ubuntu
Almost the same as the close.
Only the last key is different.

> "alt" + "Print Screen" + R + S + E + I + U + B