CAS-6 – CW beacon on2020年01月09日 20時27分

by DK3WN

ELFIN-A 9k6 GFSK2020年01月10日 11時00分

good signal

OneWeb 648-satellites2020年01月11日 19時10分

OneWeb, formerly known as WorldVu, is a planned satellite constellation
consisting of 648-microsatellites to provide world wide internet access
for individual consumers and airlines.

> I'm worried about the satellite's future debris like Starlink. (JE9PEL)

QARMAN release information2020年01月12日 20時07分

Launched: 5 Dec 2019 by SpaceX
Release: 12 Feb 2020 from ISS
Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI), Belgium
437.350MHz, 9600bps GMSK

NARSScube-1 not heard2020年01月12日 21時09分

Nothing heard

Al-Farabi-2 4k8 GMSK2020年01月13日 22時02分

3 minutes interval

M6P 9k6 FSK2020年01月14日 21時42分

good signal

Sokrat voice2020年01月15日 18時59分

SOKRAT voice what is it saying ? by W2RTV

Sokrat, Russia
#44404, 436.000MHz, 4800bps GMSK mobitex

NuSat-7/82020年01月16日 22時45分

(C)Gunter's Space Page

Earth observation satellites, Argentina

The first two satellites, ÑuSat 1 and 2 were launched as piggy-back payloads
on a Chinese CZ-4B rocket in April 2016 from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center
into a 500 km sun synchronous orbit with an inclination of 97.5 deg.

The third, ÑuSat 3, followed in 2017 also as piggy-back payloads on a Chinese
CZ-4B rocket.

Another pair, ÑuSat 4 and 5 were launched in early 2018 as piggy-back payloads
on a Chinese CZ-2D (2) rocket.

Three more, ÑuSat 7 and 8 will follow in January 2020 also as piggy-back payloads
on a Chinese CZ-2D (2) rocket.

ÑuSat 6 will follow in 2020 on a multi-satellite launch on a Vega rocket.
13 satellites, the first of 90 operational satellites will be launched in 2020
on a dedicated CZ-6 rocket.

The remaining 77 satellites will be launched to the end of 2020 on a mix of
4 or 5 CZ-2D (2) and CZ-6 rockets.