Re^2: Taurus-1 status2020年01月23日 07時07分

Good question!  With so many satellites in orbit, they compete for our
monitoring time.

So, it's been many weeks since I have tried Taurus-1.  Up until that time,
the digital voice transponder was working fine, but was not really usable
as the spacecraft appeared to be experiencing a high rate of spin.

After seeing your message, I quickly got setup for the 1546 UTC pass here
on 22-Jan even though it was only going to be at 40 deg. max elevation.  In
the past that had not quite been enough for me to get in reliably.

In my hurry to get all the apps running to decode the downlink, I made a
mistake so don't have any voice recordings to share.  However, looking at
the waterfall, there appeared to be a strong downlink each time I
transmitted on the 2m FM uplink.  Also, on replay, several telemetry
packets decoded cleanly and were uploaded to the SatNogs database by the
GNU Radio flowgraph:

... so, while I will need a higher elevation pass (and more careful setup
of the downlink decoder!) to see how Taurus-1 is really doing, it's safe to
say that it's very much alive!

-Scott,  K4KDR