Re: GQRX ...2019年11月06日 20時16分

I have been worried for a long time because the reception sensitivity
of GQRX on LINUX suddenly becomes insufficient. This problem was solved
by exchanging the line connecting the SDR dongle MCX(J) and the end of
the coaxial cable MP.

I have been receiving well the signal since I exchanged from the next
No1 line to No2 line. It seems that poor contact of No1 line was the
cause of poor sensitivity.

  1. MCX(P)====SMA(J) + SMA(P)====MJ
           50cm               50cm
           cable              cable

  2. MCX(P):SMA(J) + SMA(P)=========SMA(P) + SMA(J):MJ
        adapter              100cm            adapter