Changed to PSAT22019年08月06日 15時47分

PSAT2    = NO-104

PSAT2 was originally conceived 4 years ago as PSAT-2 in contrast to the
original PSAT.  But since we use PSAT when the digi is on, and PSAT-1 when
the digi is off, then it was a problem with what to do about PSAT-2.

So we put the "2" in the  name so we could use the SSID to indicatet a
change of state.  So PSAT2-1 is safemode with DIGI off and PSAT2 is the
callsign when the digi is on.  Jusst like PSAT-1 and PSAT.

Right now, the DIGI is off since the uplink is on 145.98 for DTMF-grid


KRAKsat 1k2 AFSK2019年08月06日 19時26分