CAS-7B(BP-1B) to be launched2019年06月03日 19時20分

The CAS-7B(BP-1B) is scheduled to be launched at the end of June 2019.

Satellite Name: CAS-7B/BP-1B
Architecture: 1.5U Cube-satellite with flexible film ball
Dimensions: 263Lx140Wx105H mm with 500 mm diameter flexible film ball
Mass: 3kg
Stabilization: Pneumatic resistance sail passive control

VHF Antenna: one 1/4λ monopole antenna with max.0dBi gain is located at +Y side
UHF Antenna: two 1/4λ monopole antennas with max.0dBi gain are located at -Z and +Z side
CW Telemetry Beacon: 435.715MHz 20dBm
V/U FM Transponder Downlink: 435.690MHz 20dBm, 16kHz bandwidth
V/U FM Transponder Uplink: 145.900MHz 16kHz bandwidth