LINUX USB boot #132019年01月13日 13時07分

次の PE0SAT局サイトの下段に、Pulse Audio  のアプリ間の音声の連携に
について、今の場合では、Audio ⇔ Soundmodem についてヒントが書かれ
ている。 (pavucontrol = PulseAudio Volume Control)  この先、必要に
なる "PulseAudio" を、ここでインストールした。それを正しく設定する。
以上で、衛星信号を LINUX上の Soundmodem にデコードすることができる。

   > Redirect Audio from one application to another with Pulse
   > Audio Volume control. Upon opening pavucontrol, you will
   > find a number of tabs, which allow you to set the playback
   > and recording device for each application connected to the
   > PulseAudio sound server. When you select a recording device
   > for an application, you should also see a number of "Monitor"
   > devices. These allow you to record from what is normally an
   > output device (i.e. your speakers).     --- wrote by PE0SAT

108. Confirm to run "Soundmodem100" installing by No.84~106
109. Prepare the sound source "no-44_pcsat.mp3" in DD1US's site
110. Search in your applications -> PulseAudio Volume Control
111. Run "PulseAudio Volume Control" and setup it correctly
112. Then, the satellite audio can be decoded on LINUX_Soundmodem


LINUX USB boot #142019年01月13日 16時54分

113. Agw_Online_Kiss installing
114. Copy HS_Soundmodem and Agw_Online_Kiss in the same way No.91~96
115. Install VB_DLL using winetricks for Agw_Online_Kiss as follows
     $ winetricks mfc42 vcrun2010 vb6run
116. Add new alias in the same way as No.99~101
117. $ hs_soundmodem19 and $ agwonlinekiss in the two Terminal


LINUX USB boot #152019年01月13日 17時36分

Re: SDRSharp on LINUX
From: Jan van Gils
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 09:03:16 +0100

Good morning,

It is good the hear that you are successful in using Soundmodem in
combination with Wine.

SDR# and Wine isn't possible, the only option I know that works is
compiling the orginal sdr# source and run it with the support of
mono on Linux.

Looking at the source it seems to be very old and I don't know if
a recent version is available.

PE0SAT, Jan van Gils

On 13-01-2019 06:37, Mineo Wakita wrote:

> Thank you very much.
> I successfully could decode the satellite audio on LINUX_Soundmodem.
> And I will try to install now HS_Soundmodem and Agw_Online_Kiss.
> By the way, I tried installing SDR# in the same way, but I got
> an error message and it did not run. 
> If you can run sdr#, please let me know how to do it.
> JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita

LINUX USB boot #162019年01月13日 19時50分


Audacity もインストールして、衛星信号をデコードしてみた。
音源は、DD1USサイトの "Prism 2009-07-23 9600bd gmsk.mp3" を使用。
LINUX + Wine の使い方も、だいぶ慣れてきた。ところで、No.83 記述
の GQRX ⇔ Gpredict が連携しなかった件は、No.111 の "PulseAudio
_Volume Control" を使えば解決するのではないかと思う。後日再実験。

118. Audacity installing
119. Run HS_Soundmodem and Agw_Online_Kiss with Audacity
120. Sound source: "Prism 2009-07-23 9600bd gmsk.mp3" in DD1US's site