FO-29 Excellent Telemetry Report2018年12月30日 07時48分

FO-29 Excellent Telemetry Report
From: Frank Wiesenmeyer
To: Mineo Wakita, JE9PEL
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2018 15:05:14 -0600

Hi Mineo:

After 10 months of being exposed to sunlight for 100% of every orbit,
FO-29 has been cooling down and producing excellent TE data again.
Temperatures had been as high as 37[C], which caused concern for the
health of FO-29. During this 10 month period, most of the battery current
data was not valid.  Other data channels continued to work correctly.

I am happy to report that as of the past few days the battery current
channel readings as well as all the other important data are completely
normal.  Battery voltages are very nominal when delivering 500 mA current
during eclipses which are occurring now daily.

The battery temperature is now a comfortable 25[C] as you can see from
the enclosed data. This data shows that the engineering team that
designed and built FO-29 did a fantastic job.  After 22 years, this
remarkable satellite still works as well as when it was launched.

73 for now,
Frank Wiesenmeyer
K9CIS Decatur, IL USA

LUME-1 4k8_GMSK2018年12月30日 10時07分

DTUsat-2 2.4GHz today2018年12月30日 13時22分

Mystery-4 = Astrocast-0.12018年12月30日 20時29分

#43798, 437.147MHz 4800bps GMSK

Astrocast SA (formerly ELSE SA), Switzerland
#43798, 437.175MHz/2406.000MHzz 1200bps FSK

Decoding Astrocast-0.1
Astrocast telemetry

ESEO 9k6 heard2018年12月30日 23時04分

三度目の挑戦で初めて ESEO_9k6 を捉えた。10分毎の信号送出とは難儀な衛星だ。
EU上空では、30秒毎送信のようだ。 次回、Soundmodem によるデコードを試みる。
#43792, 437.000MHz 9k6_GFSK