Mystery-1 = AISTECHSAT-22018年12月24日 09時31分

#43768 4k8/9k6* GMSK 436.730MHz (1KUNS decoder)

Aistech, Spain Barcelona

Not Landmapper BC4. We identified BC4 as 43767, operates
in 400-403MHz at 38k4 (should be on celestrak now)
by kylesat

Mystery-1 IMHO has ADS-B on board. UAE248, KQA520, GLO1730,
ONE847, GLO2012, GOL2176, GLO1520, AZU5504 - These are airplanes!
by eu1sat



CHOMPTT 1k2 AFSK2018年12月24日 17時29分

CubeBel-1 Merry Christmas!2018年12月24日 19時01分

1:Fm EU10S To EU1XX <UI R Pid=F0 Len=256> [18:44:26R] [AA] [-------]
EÖ=@þÿÿMerry Christmas!K
1:Fm EU10S To EU1XX <UI R Pid=F0 Len=256> [18:44:37R] [AA] [-------]

Es'hail-2 status2018年12月24日 19時36分

[amsat-bb] Re: Es'hail-2 active?
From: Peter DB2OS
Date: Mon Dec 24 09:47:36 UTC 2018

Es'hail-2/P4-A is still in IOT testing and not open for general use.

There has been a lot of testing yesterday
(but also on other days before) of the NB and WB transponder.

For more look here:

73s Peter DB2OS

#43700  2400.050-2400.300  10489.550-10489.800  Linear  transponder
#43700  2401.500-2409.500  10491.000-10499.000  Digital transponder