EAGLET-1 Cubesat on SSO-A launch2018年12月13日 19時04分

One of the many Cubesats launched on the recent SSO-A mission was
the Italian 3U Cubesat EAGLET-1. This satellite transmits telemetry on
435.200 MHz and it is to relay AIS signals emitted by ships from one of
two VHF frequencies to 435.800 MHz. As far as I can see these frequencies
have not been coordinated by the IARU. The operations of this satellite
have nothing to do with amateur radio. It is a commercial satellite,
so an experimental license also does not apply. For details see:

After this satellite a constellation of 20 similar satellites is planned.
Can/should we do something about this?


"MinXSS Beacon Decoder" update2018年12月13日 20時11分

う~む。今までの ver1.2.0 は、アルファベットアカウントの Windows10 64bit
で起動していたが、この ver2.0.5 は起動しないぞ? 追試お願いします。

Mystery-1 = UFO2018年12月13日 22時06分

未確認飛翔衛星 #43768  436.730MHz  4k8_GMSK