New Athenoxat beacon type2018年03月08日 23時20分

Dear everyone,

We would like to inform that Athenoxat-1 is currently beaconing another
type of data (we call it type 3) that contains 10 frames per burst,
every minute alternating with Morse CW. 
This type 3 frames can then combined into one image as explained in our
website (mentioned below). 
For those located near to our control station in Singapore can still
tune in to obtain these frames, although the satellite will appear busy.
The data beacon will still be enabled. 

We intend to keep this configuration for about 1 month or slightly
longer depending on the progress. The procedure is very simple, just
send us your kss files from OnlineKISS (by DK3WN), and we'll send you
our acknowledgment report and publish your contribution in our website.
The progress can be seen in

Please feel free to let others know. Thanks much in advance.
73 de Athenoxat-1 team
(Yesie 9V1SQ)



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