Nayif-1 TLE update #22017年02月22日 07時58分

1 60000U 17008XX  17051.92295152  .00001762  00000-0  80428-4 0  9993
2 60000  97.5107 113.5513 0006476 260.5747  99.4743 15.22401676   842

Nayif-1 Arabic Messages #12017年02月22日 09時45分

「NAYIF 1 60000U 17008XX」 の TLE でバッチリです。08:56JST, 22 Feb 2017 に
受信したアラビア語の『Filter Messages』の全文を、機械翻訳してみました。 
FM6 には、詩が含まれています。

FM1: Space has reached! I Nayef-1 first satellite collectors of the UAE
and has worked on a team of builders Emiratis engineering students from
the American University in Sharjah.

FM2: The team that worked on my design and builders is:
Khalifa Al Muhairi, Abdullah Al Shehhi, Fadia rhomboid, Maitha Shezawi,
Ahmed Shair, share and Shaima Ali Marzouki.

FM3: As the project management team of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space
Center they Ibrahim Al Qassimi, Matrooshi share and Fatma Lootah my job
to supervise.

FM4: I am the result of an investment of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed
bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in a small group of sons and daughters of the UAE
by more than ten years. And now the UAE universities have been able to
build satellites.

FM5: The inscription on my mission logo poem poet Emirati girl Ousha
Khalifa Al Suwaidi, which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed
bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the title of "Girl Arabs".

FM6: The poem is "finely Ross Alhreif what Valoutah inn, where long Naif
me Valenzerh Helah, Nayef Nayef and of all the Arabs Trdah".