TuPOD, Tancredo-1(UbatubaSat) active2017年01月20日 21時58分

※ TuPOD = 41931, 21:44JST, 20 Jan 2017, 58 deg
受信報告もありますが(DK3WN, JA0CAW)、自局ではまだ確認できません。


We believe that NORAD assigned the identifier 41931 to the TuPOD. 
The following TLE will be valid for the complete period in which
the satellite will be available for listening to it.

1 41931U 98067KT  17019.24028552  .00011121  00000-0  16971-3 0  9997
2 41931  51.6424  60.8140 0009641  74.0252 286.1759 15.54943196   332


Integration of the TubeSats into the TuPOD by the GAUSS team, in Rome

The two onboard TubeSats in TuPOD are:

* TANCREDO-1, as part of the UbatubaSat Project, carried out by Brazilian
  students from "Escola Municipal Presidente Tancredo de Almeida Neves"
  together with INPE

* OSNSAT, developed by the Open Space Network, a Californian space company.