Launch in May 20172016年12月03日 07時45分

IITMSAT, Max Valier, Venta-1 の打ち上げは、来年(2017年)5月まで

Launch: Resourcesat-2A
Launch vehicle: PSLV-XL C36
Launch date: 04:54 UTC, 7 Dec 2016
Launch site: Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota, India

A collection of smaller secondary payloads from India, Italy
and Latvia are also aboard the launch with Resourcesat-2A.
But the launch of IITMSAT, Max Valier, Venta-1 were postponed.

First satellite of Latvia 'Venta-1' is a project by Ventspils Augstskola
(Ventspils University College) and few days ago it was asked on their
official page when it would be launched. Their reply suggests orbital
parameters for PSLV C36 orbit are not suitable for them and next opportunity
for them would likely be in May 2017.

UWE-3 9k6 beacon2016年12月03日 08時41分