Stmsat-1 heard ?2016年05月20日 07時04分

> at 1150utc,nodes at 437.1 was heard strong ,also Cadre at
> 437.485,very strong. At my max ele at 60 degrees,a very,very
> weak signal with doppler was heard on 437.000. I get another
> real good shot tomorrow am at 2 am est at 72 vas
> very visable on hdsdr, but only at a very high,in the clear
> pass since it was very,very,weak.

「Stmsat-1 が very,very,weak で聞こえた」 と読み取れますか?

HORYU-4 very strong 2.4GHz2016年05月20日 20時53分

20:19-20:31JST, 20 May 2016, Ele 42 W-S-SE, 2400.300MHz USB
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