LightSail etc. 打ち上げ予定 #22015年03月18日 18時48分


LightSail-A = LightSail-1 のようです。

LightSail-1   Computer Science Department Department, CalPoly State University
              32 m^2 solar sail from a 3-unit CubeSat platform
              437.325MHz 9600bps GMSK

ARC-1         Alaska Research CubeSat, University of Alaska Fairbanks
              437.565MHz 9600bps, 2440.500MHz

BisonSat      Salish Kootenai College, Montana
              437.375MHz 9600bps GMSK

Fox-1A        The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT)
              435.180MHz Up / 145.980MHz Down

PSat-A,B      US Naval Academy Amateur Radio Club
              145.825MHz 435.350MHz 28.120MHz

PTecSat       University of Southern California
              436.000MHz AFSK, 437.000-427.200MHz

USS Langley   Unix Space Server Langley, US Naval Academy
              145.825MHz 2.404GHz 28.120MHz Up / 437.475MHz 2.404GHz 435.350MHz Down              

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