UWE-3 News: Software update2015年03月12日 20時25分

Subject: UWE-3 News: Software update
From: Dieter Ziegler
To: Verborgene_Empfaenger: ;
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 12:00:13 +0100

*UWE-3 News: Software update of all on-board micro-controllers
In the beginning of February 2015 we uploaded new software images for 
all UWE-3 subsystems to the satellite, which comprise in total 3 images 
on 9 micro-controllers. This software was installed thereafter and is 
since then successfully operational on UWE-3. The software update 
targeted major improvements for the attitude control of the satellite, 
which was the focus of tests right after the update.

The satellite now is back to a preliminary un-operated state (switching 
between the on-board computers every 4 days) while we process the data 
and decide on future operation plans. Thanks a lot for your great 
support! Especially we want to thank: CX8AF, DK3WN, EU1XX, G7GQW, 
ON4HF, PE0SAT, R4UAB, Rainer Rothe, SP7THR, VK5HI.

Yours sincerely,

UWE-3 Team

Perseus-M1 telemetry2015年03月12日 22時47分

22:16-22:28JST, 12 Mar 2015, Ele 40 NE-E-S, 400.170MHz 9600bps GFSK
本日は、22秒間隔でテレメトリを流していました。 上図の赤丸3箇所のところで
デコードしています。衛星内部時計が 5秒遅れていることもわかります。

1:Fm CQ To NOCALL <UI R Pid=F0 Len=180> [22:20:57R]
Eエ@@ク菎ィタィッオx?仔FM1,03/12/2015 13:21:03,:fcs:1376,11,18,107,:eps:7.81,7.82,7.87,7.84,9,8,9,9,234,17,100001110000001101011000,7.5,7.5,7.3,7.3,-32,-33,-3,-26,-26,-32,-18,

1:Fm CQ To NOCALL <UI R Pid=F0 Len=177> [22:21:19R]
Eア@@ク鄲ィタィッオx撼?M1,03/12/2015 13:21:24,:fcs:1376,11,18,109,:eps:7.81,7.81,7.86,7.83,9,9,9,9,5,5,100001110000000100000000,7.5,7.5,7.3,7.3,-32,-33,-3,-26,-26,-32,-18,

1:Fm CQ To NOCALL <UI R Pid=F0 Len=180> [22:21:41R]
Eエ@@ク菎ィタィッオx?疎FM1,03/12/2015 13:21:46,:fcs:1376,12,18,105,:eps:7.81,7.80,7.84,7.84,9,8,9,9,234,17,010001110000001101011000,7.5,7.5,7.3,7.3,-32,-33,-3,-26,-26,-32,-18,