New Satellites Launch2014年12月07日 08時20分

来年1月中旬に次の衛星が打ち上げられる予定です。(編集 JE9PEL/1)

Launch of these satellites are planned for January 2015.
Site is Pacific Missile Range - Kokole Point, Kauai, Hawaii

Argus, Saint Louis University, USA
437.290MHz 1200bps AFSK, 2403.000-2403.400MHz Spread spectrum

EDSN (Edison Demonstration of Smallsat Networks), Santa Clara University, USA
437.100MHz 1200bps AFSK, 2401.200-2431.200MHz

HawaiiSat-1 (HiakaSat-1), University of Hawaii
Uplinks and Downlinks on both VHF and UHF, 9600bps GFSK
High speed S Band downlink using High Rate Telemetry
Downlink: Data Rate: 1.5Mbps Modulation: QPSK FEC: Viterbi r=1/2,k=7 ITU Emission

ORS-Squared, COSMIAC at the University, New Mexico
437.325MHz 9600bps GMSK

PrintSat, Montana State University, USA
437.325MHz 9600bps GMSK

Satellite                Downlink            Beacon    Mode
----------------------   ------------        -------   ------------
Argus                    2403.000-2403.400   437.290   1200bps AFSK
EDSN                     2401.200-2431.200   437.100   1200bps AFSK
HawaiiSat1 (HiakaSat1)    V,U,S-Band            .      9600bps GFSK
ORS-Squared               437.325               .      9600bps GMSK
PrintSat                  437.325               .      9600bps GMSK
----------------------   ------------        -------   ------------

NOAA-18 using FCD2014年12月07日 15時56分

15:24-15:39JST, 7 Dec 2014, Ele 62 SE-E-N, 137.9125MHz

DESPATCH / SHIN'EN2 #82014年12月07日 16時25分


4.5m mesh dish antenna
Polish Ham Group from Warsaw
(C)ARTSAT project

> SQ5KTM (Michal Zawada-san), SP5ULN (Pitor-san), SP5MG (Pitor-san)
> SQ5RWU (Lukasz-san), SP5XMU-san, and PIAP team received DESPATCH
> at a range of 1,500,000 km!! Thank you so much for your reports:)
> There great and enjoying efforts encouraged us!


Soundmodem Software Update2014年12月07日 17時26分

SCM v0.69b changes:
- Improved DCD reaction on the AX.25 flags and zeros stream.
- Changed default filters settings for the modems.
- Added KISS TCP-Server
- Added KISS Optimization
- Added transcription of NETROM and IP traffic in the monitor window.
- Added some changes in L2 protocol.
- Added IPOLL frames.
- Fixed some inessential errors.
- Fixed waterfall bug under Linux (WINE).

DESPATCH / SHIN'EN2 #92014年12月07日 20時21分

次の写真は、DESPATCH 1,542,200km を受信したアルゼンチンLU2DDU局と

1,542,200km 23:17UTC 06-12-2014
LU2DDU array antenna, used for the reception of despatch project
SDR LU2DDU + converter + 432-440 MHz preamplifier in antenna
Antenna: 22.3 dBi. Linear polarization.
4x15 elements Yagi. LU2DDU