CANX-2 corrected2014年04月30日 17時29分

カナダ・トロント大学の CANX-2管制局から私信がありました。
My Satellites List で、次のように訂正します。

CANX-2   32790    437.478   Over GS only     GMSK        VA3SFL   *(Active)
CANX-2   32790   2200.000   32Kbps-256Kbps   BPSK/QPSK   VA3SFL   *(Active)


I would like to let you know that CanX-2 is active and celebrated six
years on orbit yesterday. Typically it is only transmitting over Toronto
and we establish contact several times a day, using its S-band downlink
to download science data. The UHF transmitter is treated as a backup
link and is rarely used, although it is still functional.

Also, GMSK is the modulation scheme used on the UHF downlink. The S-band
transmitter operates either with BPSK or QPSK, depending on how it is
commanded by the ground station.

Thank you for compiling such a detailed list. It's always helpful to
have such centralized repositories.