Delfi-n3Xt Update2013年12月20日 19時21分

要点を抜粋 (from AMSAT-UK)

Today, December 19, we have switched from the ISIS transmitter (ITRX) to the Primary
Transmitter (PTRX). This radio seems to have a significantly stronger signal, so it
should be easier to receive telemetry. The frequency is a bit higher, 145.930 MHz
so you will have to retune. I hope this will help some of the radio amateurs who had
trouble in decoding Delfi-n3Xt.

We have also put the S-band transmitter (STX) back in beacon mode on 2405.000 MHz.
As the onboard patch antenna is however pointing in arbitrary direction, it is a matter
of luck if it is pointed towards a ground station.

Unfortunately we have not yet been able to make a new update of the DUDe client.
The first issue we want to tackle for the new version is the frequency freeze.
After a while, DUDe seems to lock itself at an edge of the band. Currently this means,
that DUDe needs to be restarted before a pass. As temporary solution in case you want
to track the satellite automatically, you may use an auto-mouse clicker to close and
re-open DUDe. But I hope we will be able to fix this issue early next year.

FIREBIRD 19k2 KISS2013年12月20日 20時30分

FIREBIRD_19k2wavファイル(by JA0CAW)を、MixW(COM7)→KissTerm(COM8)
(しかし この先、KISSファイルを解析するソフトがまだ開発されていない...)

JA0CAW局_Blog には、SpectraVue によるデコード方法が解説されています。(Tnx.)
(自局は SpectraVue の細かい設定方法がよくわからない.....)