UniSat-5 Satellites Selection #32013年10月25日 18時30分

NEE-02 Krysaor, Ecuador このエクアドル衛星も UniSat-5 と同時に放出され
ます。半年前に打上げられた NEE-01 Pegaso の後継機です。衛星名の「Krysaor」
の原語 「Chrysaor(クリュサオル)」 は、ギリシャ神話に登場する人物(怪物)で、
Pegasus(ペガサス) の弟であり、ポセイドンとメデューサの息子として描かれて

- Technological demonstration/Education
- Test of real time video transmission
- Test of Thermal/Radiation shield
- Test of multiphase solar array
- Test of passive antenna deployment
- Test of carbon nanotubes thermal control system
Downlink 910.000MHz

The NEE-02 KRYSAOR is a PEGASUS class sateliite, which means that is a
twin of the original NEE-01 PEGASUS, it was built after it and completed
on June 2012, its primary function is to be a backup of the NEE-01 in
case of any eventuality in the NEE-01 launch operation.

The NEE-02 will be launched in to a 98.7 degree inclination, helio
synchronous orbit, 720km perigee and 890km apogee on November 21, 2013.

Its mission is the same as PEGASUS, serving education and also acting as
orbital sentinels watching for possible threats from small NEOs in last
phase of atmospheric entry and helping to catalog orbital debris. Also
it has the latest advances in active deployment of its solar arrays,
high speed digital transmission and a higher resolution video camera.


NASA ELaNa NanoSatellites (追補)2013年10月25日 23時48分

次は、NASA ELaNa NanoSatellites の追加情報。

University of Alabama in Huntsville アラバマ大学ハンツビル校
The primary mission is to perform a technology demonstration of gravity gradient stabilization,
improved solar collection and improved horizon communications on a pico-satellite.
Downlink 437.405MHz

USAF (United States Air Force) アメリカ空軍
The flight's primary objective is testing space-based rocket tracking technology and an
autonomous termination system smart enough to destroy the rocket if it flies off course.

USAF STP(Space Test Program) アメリカ空軍
- iMESA-R (Integrated Miniaturized Electrostatic Analyzer Reflight) mission
- J-CORE (Joint Component Research) mission
- SSU (Strip Sensor Unit), an AFRL Directed Energy (RD) experiment
- SWATS (Small Wind and Temperature Spectrometer), a Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) mission
- TCTE (TSI Calibration Transfer Experiment), a NASA/NOAA mission

Vermont Lunar Cubesat
Vermont Technical College バーモント技術学校
Testing the NASA Goddard GPS Enhanced Navigation System and star tracker camera
for our proposed Lunar Lander/Orbiter CubeSat.
Downlink 437.305MHz 9600bps