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※ところで、ここ数日 Soundmodem HP に入れません。

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: Cornell CUSat Keps?
From: Nico Janssen
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 22:48:11 +0200

I can confirm that DANDE is object 39267, 2013-055C.

So now the following IDs for the objects of the Falcon 9 launch
are certain:

39265, 2013-055A is Cassiope
39266, 2013-055B is CUSat 1&2
39267, 2013-055C is DANDE
39268, 2013-055D is POPACS (1,2 or 3)
39269, 2013-055E is POPACS (1,2 or 3)
39270, 2013-055F is POPACS (1,2 or 3)
39271, 2013-055G is Falcon 9 R/B.


On 2013-10-08 11:54, Colin Hurst wrote:
> Nico,
> Thanks to some good work by Tetsu JA0CAW,
> DANDE is currently a good fit to Object C.
> 2013-055C
> 1 39267U 13055C   13280.88171839  .00006188  00000-0  21045-3 0    45
> 2 39267  80.9931 307.0850 0796581 135.6654 231.1187 13.96656656  1151
> Downlink is nominally 436748.7 MHz at my QTH.
> 73
> Colin VK5HI.
> PS: CUSAT remains a good fit with Object B.

NASA ELaNa NanoSatellites #22013年10月12日 19時43分

NASA ELana衛星の続報をします。(調査難儀)
米国の教育用小型衛星で、全部で 19機打ち上げの予定です。

  Cajun Advanced Picosatellite Experiment ルイジアナ・ラファイエット大学
  Cubesat proposal with on board SDR, maritime buoy store
  and forward data relay and GMSK 38k4 capability.
  Dpwnlink: 145.825MHz and 437.325MHz

  Technology Cubesat (3U)

  Cubesat (3U) that will investigate the relationship between lightning
  and terrestrial gamma ray flashes.

  Kentucky Space LLC ケンタッキー・スペース社
  These institutions are:
  - Kentucky Space LLC: Mission Management
  - Morehead State University (MSU): Communications, power systems 
  - University of Kentucky (UK): On board computer, imaging payload
    once in orbit the spacecraft will transmit on the amateur UHF band
    and beacon using the AX.25 protocol to portable ground station already
    developed by MSU for outreach in K-12 grades.
  Downlink: 437.405MHz

  Naval Postgraduate School 海軍大学院
  The primary mission is to test solar cells.
  Downlink: 2.4012 - 2.4476GHz and 437.525MHz

  Technology Cubesat (3U)

ORS Tech-1,2
  Technology Cubesat (3U)

  NASA Ames Research Center NASAエイムズ研究センター
  PhoneSat-v2 is a technology demonstration mission intended to increase
  the functional capabilities of PhoneSat-v1 and demonstrate complete
  satellite functionally in a low cost package. The satellite is built
  around the Nexus S smartphone which will be running the Android operating
  system and will be enclosed in a standard 1U cubesat structure.
  Downlink: 2401.200 - 2431.200MHz and 437.425MHz

 以前は NASA_HP, http://www.nasa.gov/ に入ることができたのですが、
 現在、「政府の資金不足」 が表示され入ることができなくなっています。
  > Due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is not available.

NASA ELaNa NanoSatellites #32013年10月12日 21時02分

  Three Technology Cubesats (1U)

  Student built amateur radio and Technology Cubesat (2U)

  Technology Cubesats (3U)

  Technology Cubesat (3U) which will demonstrate the tracking of space debris.

  Gator Amateur Radio Club @ フロリダ大学
  Technology Cubesat (1U)
  Downlink: 437.385MHz