ヨーロピアン衛星 ESEO2013年02月05日 20時15分

ESEO: European Student Earth Orbiter
      Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Germany
Launch date: 2015-16
Launch rocket: VEGA
Launch site: Kourou
Measure: 33 x 33 x 63 cm
Mass: 40 kg
Uplink1:    435.010 MHz, FM
Downlink1: 2400.175 MHz, (3or5W)
Uplink2:    435.160-435.060 MHz (inverting)
Downlink2:  145.880-145.980 MHz (inverting)
Beacon1:    145.855 MHz, CW (3W RF)
Beacon2:    145.930 MHz, 1200bps BPSK (FEC)
Beacon3:   5840.000 MHz, FSK/CW (400mW)
1. DTU Space (Denmark) - Microcamera;
2. University of Budapest (Hungary) - Telescope Dosimeter and Plasma Diagnostic Probe;
3. University of Technology of Wroclaw (Poland) - S-band Communication Subsystem;
4. University of Bologna (Italy) - GPS Receiver and Orbit Determination;
5. TU Delft (Netherlands) - AODCS S/W Experiments;
6. Cranfield University (UK) - Deorbiting Device;
7. University of Vigo (Spain) - GENSO for ESEO;
8. TU Munich (Germany) - S-band Ground Station;
9. University of Zaragoza (Spain) - Mission Analysis

Delfi-C3 Statistics Page2013年02月06日 19時04分

この Dlefi-C3 の統計ページは、IE8 では反応が遅く、表示の体裁も崩れます。
Google Chrome では反応が極めて早く、表示も綺麗です。IE8 と Chrome の差は
見つけることができました。(Tnx.Info >JA0CAW)

Operations → Delfi-C3 Telemetry → Click here to show all users

ISS Shadow-Beacon Plasma実験2013年02月07日 19時32分

2月8日~10日にかけて、再度 ISSシャドウ・プラズマ実験が行われます。

UISS v5.3.2 Update2013年02月08日 20時28分

現在行われている Shadow Experiment に関連した改良点を含んでいます。

・ New: Put UISS in the System Tray!

・ New in Setup->Extra: enable/disable 'Use System Tray when Minimized'

・ Bug fix: forced closing of UISS when minimized (or on system tray)
   prevented UISS from normal startup (on the desktop): fixed
   (negatives location numbers in INI when minimized and app is closed)
   Thanks to VE6MVP for pointing this out

・ Shadow Experiment Bug fix when user chooses a smaller then 60 second
   TX Pause value. Now any value between 0 and 99 seconds can be used

・ In Shadow Experiment Wizard the TX pause value is added and other
   Wizard refinements.

・ In Setup->Extra: "Digipeated packets are validated (counted)..." 
   is moved to Setup->MHeard

・ Beacon time format allows other then : separator (hh:mm) according
   to the system country settings. More info on this subject is found
   in the manual (thanks to IZ6RND)

・ New in UI-MapView: Use System Tray when Minimized

・ New: automatically check for updates
   (menu Setup->Extra to enable/disable automatic updates)

・ Updated manual

FITSAT-1 LED2013年02月08日 20時50分

ISS Shadow Beacon via UISS v5.3.22013年02月09日 17時53分

17:23-17:33JST, 9 Feb 2013, Ele 27 2013, 145.825MHz FM
UISS NewVersion で受信してみました。気付いたことは、上図の黄と青の時刻が
一致していることです。前回は 2秒~3秒の誤差がありました。それと、APRS_Sv
に接続していると、Log に逐一 受信データが載ってしまうので、APRS は切断を
しておくべきだったかと... このシャドウ実験は、2月8日~10日で行われます。

Re: UISS v5.3.2 registered2013年02月10日 07時27分

Subject: Re: UISS v5.3.2 registered
From: Guy
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2013 17:58:39 +0100

Hi Mineo,

Your have the Pro-edition! No mistake!
The Unregister button is to remove the registration key.
It does NOT mean that you have an unregistered copy.

Hope this helps,

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Subject: UISS v5.3.2 registered
From: Mineo Wakita
To: on6mu
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2013 12:17 PM

Thanks for your UISS update to v5.3.2

I registered as Pro-Edition.
My UISS pro_key is "******".

Then it's displayed definitely with
"Pro-Edition Registered To Mineo JE9PEL*" in the screen upper part.

But, it remain a red button of the indication
"Unregister" in "UISS - Help - About UISS".

Why is it?

JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita

Setup Shadow Experiment in "UISS - Help - UISS Manual"

Simply follow the instructions of the Wizard in the Help-menu.
The 'Wizard' will allow you to setup UISS for transmitting ISS Shadow
Experiment beacon data.

Remember that transmitting during the Shadow Experiment is only allowed
by stations who are granted the right to do so (Master Stations).
However, everybody is encouraged to send their reception reports to:
Information Storing Center (shadow@*****.ru) or (vastra@*****.ru)!
No need to use this wizard for reception only of ISS Shadow packet

Summary: the beacon, during the Shadow Experiment, will transmit 1
minute of continues packets with an interval between each packet set in
the Wizard (or beacon) of xx seconds.
An additional pause of xx (Interval beacon pause) seconds added after
every minute of beacon transmissions.

Or do it without the wizard:
To setup UISS for the Shadow Experiment, go to menu Setup->Beacon Settings:
- Activate the beacon
- Enter a beacon-interval of 3 seconds. (This will let UISS know that the
  user could want to use its Shadow Experiment features.)
- Click on the bottom-left button with the blue V-icon representing OK
  (to apply the beacon settings).
- Confirm the dialog which asks the user if he/she wants to enable the
  Shadow Experiment mode.
- You'll see a new option "ISS Shadow Experiment". Here you just need to
  enter your country's ISO code (example BE = Belgium)
  (ISO-List can be found in your UISS Folder)
- Now click again on the blue V-icon button

UISS will start to transmit the beacon according to Shadow Experiment
prefered packets (including digipeater etc.):

Fm ON6MU To BEACON Via ARISS <UI pid=F0 Len=38 >[23:42:24]
SpEx SHADOW 23:42:24 *BE* 30-11-2007/
Fm ON6MU To BEACON Via ARISS <UI pid=F0 Len=38 >[23:42:27]
SpEx SHADOW 23:42:27 *BE* 30-11-2007/

Want it even easier? Just use the build-in wizard and follow the steps.
This feature can be found in Setup-menu.
Space digipeaters like ISS, PCsat and others are NOT intended for

[More information]
http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/isshadow.htm (EN)
http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/isshado2.htm (EN)
http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~ei7m-wkt/numbr723.htm   (JP)
http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~ei7m-wkt/numbr775.htm   (JP)

ISS OFF / NO-44 ON2013年02月10日 16時51分

やはり、スクールコンタクトの後、ISS OFF のままとなっています。
夕方のパスでは、同時刻に遠くの方で、NO-44 が聞こえていました。

ISS  , 16:33-16:42JST, 10 Feb 2013, Ele 14 S-E-EN, 145.825MHz FM
NO-44, 16:24-16:39JST, 10 Feb 2013, Ele 66 NW-W-S, 145.827MHz FM

AENEAS beacon2013年02月10日 21時45分

自局でデコードできるのは、いつも 1~2個。

21:13-21:27JST, 10 Feb 2013, Ele 64 NW-W-SE, 437.600MHz FM
KE6YFA-1>CQ,TELEM [02/10/13  21:22:58] <UI>:

AENEAS Beacon Data Decoder, Rev 1.1
Opening file at 30210aen.dat
AENEAS Beacon TLM Packet found:
Total length: 29
Unused: 0x02 0x00 
Time: 1/1/11-6-16:2:0
Reboots: 1287
Last Reboot Cause: 0
Flash Status: 0
Bit 0 = 0 : Device is ready.
Bit 1 = 0 : Device is NOT write-enabled.
Bit3&4= 1 : All sectors software-protected.
Bit 4 = 0 : WP is asserted.
Bit 5 = 0 : Last op successful.
Bit 7 = 0 : Sector Protection Registers unlocked.
Payload Write Pointer: 1273856
Telemetry Pointer: 7729152
Radio Status: 65
No detailed Radio info yet
Misc Write Pointer: 1104765632
Done: End of stream reached.

CSSWE telemetry2013年02月11日 20時45分

20:31-20:45JST, 11 Feb 2013, Ele 67 WN-N-ES, 437.349MHz 9k6 FSK