CO-65 digipeater ON #12012年02月26日 08時53分

昨日(2/25)は MsgBox ON でしたが、本日(2/26)は Digipeater ON です。今朝、
08:35JST のパスで、すでに Digipeater ON になっていることを確認しました。

Linux minimodem sound2012年02月26日 09時09分

Linux Bell_type モデムの記事 (by JH4XSY) に書かれていた YouTube の音源を
録音し、MixW で再現してみた図↑。RTTY設定で、Inverted と Snap にチェック

CO-65 digipeater ON #22012年02月26日 10時29分

10:11-10:23JST, 26 Feb 2012, Ele 37 N-W-WS
U 1267.600MHz / D 437.475MHz, 9600bps FSK

今日は Digipeater。苦手とする西回りのコースでしたが、2個デコードしました。
昨日の MsgBox と、今日の Digipeater。 めずらしく調子が良い。

ESA CubeSats status2012年02月26日 11時00分

(C)AMSAT-NEWS, 25 Feb 2012

+ XaTcobeo, バッテリー良好, テレメトリ, コマンド稼動。
  The Spanish XaTcobeo CubeSat was heard a couple of hours after
   launch (13 February 2012, 11:00 CET) during its first pass over
   the University of Vigo's ground station, and its signal was also
   tracked by many radio amateurs. The first data received show that
   the satellite's batteries are properly charged and that telemetry
   and telecommand systems work well, representing a very promising
   start for the mission.

+ Masat-1, パーフェクトに稼働中。
  The Hungarian team received the first signals from Masat-1 from a
   radio amateur in Florida less than two hours after launch, and by
   many others shortly after. A couple of hours later the team's ground
   station in Budapest gathered the first 'official' satellite data
   which confirmed that the spacecraft is in perfect shape.

+ PW-Sat, これも大変良好。
  PW-Sat, the Polish student CubeSat, was also heard loud and clear
   only a few hours after the launch. The signals have been heard both
   by the team's ground station and by several radio amateurs from the
   UK, India, Germany and the Netherlands.

+ UniCubeSat, 最初だけ信号受信, まだデコード無し。
  The Italian UniCubeSat-GG team heard the first signals from the
   satellite, although they have not been decoded yet, shortly after
   launch, first from a Kentucky (US) ground station and then from the
   dedicated Rome ground station.

+ e-st@r, 2月15日に弱い信号受信, その後レポート無し。
  Initially weak signals were reported from the Italian e-st@r. On
   February 15 the e-st@r team reported signals from their CubeSat
   heard by their control ground station and other ham radio stations.

+ Goliat, Robusta, ともに弱い信号受信, まだ安定状態にない。
  Weak signals have been received so far from the Romanian Goliat
   and the French Robusta CubeSats. These teams currently believe
   that their spacecraft may not have yet achieved a stable orient-
   ation after separation and sufficient battery charge level in order
   for their communication systems and antennas to transmit properly
   to the ground station. The situation will evolve in the course of
   the next several days, and further attempts to establish good
   communications links with those satellites will continue.

+ ALMASat-1, この記事に記載無し, 打ち上げ後に受信レポートあり。

Compass-1 Emergency2012年02月26日 19時51分

Compass-1 が昨日(2/25) AC4AV局により報告されたのを最後に、送信信号が停止

Reported by AC4AV
2012-02-25 00:00 UTC ............01000000CC0002 JA1GDE
2012-02-25 00:04 UTC D3007021141301300000CC0002 JA1GDE
2012-02-25 00:08 UTC A2000000901101300000D30001 JA1GDE
2012-02-25 01:42 UTC 58052140410001300000CC0001 JA6PL
2012-02-25 01:46 UTC ..................00D90000 JA6PL
2012-02-25 01:49 UTC 80352129900401300000D400FF JA6PL

Compass-1 HP / Compass-2 HP / YouTube 1 / YouTube 2