MASAT-1 = MO-722012年02月20日 19時33分

MASAT-1 を精力的・集中的に受信している各局に関連して、MASAT-1 が一番最初に

MASAT-1 Designated MagyarSat-OSCAR-72 (MO-72) です。

OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO reports, "Congratulations on
the successful launch of the MaSat-1 Cubesat that the team at Budapest
University of Technology and Economics have been responsible for designing,
building and testing. Since you have met all of the requirements for being
issued an OSCAR number, including coordination through IARU and requesting
an OSCAR number, I, under authority vested in me by the President of AMSAT-
NA, do hereby name MaSat-1 as MagyarSat-OSCAR-72 or MO-72."
Bill concludes, "I, and all at AMSAT-NA wish MagyarSat-OSCAR-72 great
success in fulfilling all of its mission objectives."

[ANS thanks OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO for the above
 information, ]

ISS BBS_LOG2012年02月20日 21時08分

ISS メッセージボード上の ST2NH局からのメールを確認しました。#53 でした。
は出来たので読み出すことはしませんでした。 確か、FO-20, FO-29 のボードは
最大で 8局 or 16局が同時にコネクトできたと思ったのですが、記憶違いかな?
UO-22, KO-23, KO-25 のブロードキャストプロトコルの接続数のことだったか!

20:48-20:55JST, 20 Feb 2012, Ele 8 WN-N-NE, 145.825MHz
cmd:C RS0ISS-11
cmd:*** CONNECTED to RS0ISS-11
Welcome to RS0ISS's message board
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Msg#  Size   TS Date   Time From   To     @ BBS  Subject
62    145    B$ 28-Mar/1409 KG4CEO>ALL           hi
61    30     B$ 28-Mar/1237 KG4CEO>ALL           all
60    190    B$ 28-Mar/1231 KG4CEO>ALL           all
59    192    B$ 28-Mar/0919 KG4CEO>ALL           HELLO
57    351    B$ 28-Mar/0742 KG4CEO>ALL           Hello ISS Crew and fellow terr
53    21        28-Mar/0632 ST2NH >JE9PEL        hi
46    51        27-Mar/0842 VE2TMW>ALL           greetings
41    107       27-Mar/0729 ST2NH >ALL           skid
39    107       27-Mar/0726 ST2NH >ALL           hello
38    47      $ 27-Mar/0406 F6CDZ >ALL           Vy 73
37    37      $ 27-Mar/0030 PY3RAA>ALL           ola pessoal 
36    18        26-Mar/2140 ST2NH >ALL           hello 
33    77     B$ 26-Mar/1115 W3TMB >ALL           HELLO
32    133       22-Mar/1839 LW5DGM>ALL           hello
26    232    B$ 20-Mar/1623 UA9UIZ>ALL           Hello All
25    40     B$ 19-Mar/1501 LU8YY >ALL           Saludos
23    98     B$ 19-Mar/1321 LU8YY >ALL           Saludos desde Villa Mercedes S
13    36      $       /0655 PY3RAA>ALL           parabens as labres brasil 78 a
7     47     B$       /1755 K8BZ  >ALL           HI

RS0ISS-11>JE9PEL [02/20/12  20:56:41] <D C P>