RS-39 Report2012年02月19日 10時11分

Report on the work of the satellite "Chibis-M"
Category: News of the project Chibis-M, 02.17.2012 17:09 Age: 1 day.

Three weeks of hard work with the microsatellite "Chibis-M" have led to a
long-awaited results.

During sessions 16 and February 17, 2012 by ground stations in Kaluga, Tarus,
Panska Ves (Czech Republic) and Budapest (Hungary) carried out a scientific
telemetry data reception at 2.2 GHz radio transmitter with onboard NEMO.
A discharge of scientific information, accumulated scientific data block
(BND-B) of the RFA devices (radio frequency analyzer) and FCC (digital camera).

The resulting scientific information on the Earth are now processed and
analyzed in IKI.

During the past continued to work on business systems, including satellite
orbital parameters were refined using the instrument on board the satellite
receiver GPS (part of the official apparatus developed NILAKT).

Work was done to set up different modes of orientation and stabilization of
the spacecraft.

Daily sessions are held official receipt of telemetry data to ground control
centers in the cities of Kaluga and Krasnoyarsk.

The results of processing the received telemetry data service on the 435 MHz
radio show that temperature and voltage onboard network of MS "Chibis-M" are
in the range of valid values (voltage onboard network of about 12.5 - 14.0
volts, temperature from 0 to 23 degrees.)

Work on putting MS "Chibis-M" in the operation continues.



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